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Mixed media video installation

Summer 2008

"Zip It" is a multi-media interactive video installation that allows the audience to actively take part in creating new and unexpected dialogues between 6 independent arguments. I worked with three couples, one at a time. The couples were positioned across from each other and prompted to argue back and forth while being filmed. Along with the 6 videos, I used a Make controller, fabric, Flash action scripting, wires, zippers and other materials to create the tactile interface. By “zipping” (closing) and opening individual physical fabric windows with an interactive zipper, the sound of the video turns off or on while the video continues to play in real time. The interactive zipper acts as a switch to personalize the normally hidden, millisecond interchange from physical to technological action. This can allow the participant to create new stories and gain control within the video arguments as well as their relationship to technology.