I Wish

I WISH—strives for perfection and mastery. The idea is to be able to control everything in the private life like an “infinitely variable system”. Where adding, replacing, exchanging—new with old, a solid color with a pattern, round with square, the skin of the cellphone mirroring the color of our wardrobe, small boobs with a big ones, brown with red hair, a bed with a couch, a boring wife with an exciting one—every day, any minutes with just a click, whenever we feel like it. Does the availability of customization foster our creativity and well being or does it shift our perception and our focus to our selfs too much? Is the “modern lego system” spoiling us? Why not remodel behavior, feelings, personalities, and the impossible for the sake of an ideal world...wouldn't this be nice!? Would it really make things easier...? The overall tendency is the aim to make the environment adjust to me.

This computer animated clip “I Wish” is based on a selection out of 86 “real” wishes, longings, and urges of people from all over the world and gives significant examples. The data used for this project has been retrieved by an empirical survey via the platform mechanical turk1, where people were asked to present information regarding their customization practices and customization ideals:

  1. Name 5 things in your home that you have somehow customized.
  2. Name 5 things that you wish would be customizable in your domestic space.
  1. Mechanical Turk (https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome) is a market place for work. On the one hand side an on-demand, scalable workforce for businesses and developers. And on the other hand side it offers an opportunity for individuals to work by selecting from thousands of tasks and work whenever it is convenient.