Electronic Objects and Their People

Through daily use, electronic objects have indiscernibly reached the status of cohabitants within the domestic environment. With a poetic playfulness, Electronic Objects and Their People investigates the effects of this alliance on communication, perception, and behavior in the privacy of home.

Electronic objects (e.os) play different roles for each of us. For some people these objects are more integrated in their lifestyle than for others. How much we let e.os be part of our daily routines and how much they might influence our behavior and actions towards our cohabitants is very intriguing to me.

“Great, you're getting an Iphone; I'll be another statistic of a guy loosing his girl friend to the iPhone.” 1

“Come here boy, where are you, boy.” 2

“One in three of ‘denverites’ would sooner give up sex than phones.” 3

“The computers is like his other girlfriend. When he is on his computer, I could stand naked in the room and he wouldn't care” 4

“I spend so much time with my computer it might as well be physical attached to me” 5

Electronic Objects and Their People is not a single project, but a body of work. I playfully observed the relationships between people and objects in the domestic environment. This project consists and grew out of personal interests, experiences, and interactions with people. By engaging with this subject matter, I soon learned that in addition to my own research there was plenty of inspiring material to be found elsewhere. People were delighted to share their stories about a car only driving backwards; the phone not receiving calls from certain people; the extremely temperamental toaster; and so on. This multi-layered input inspired me to tinker and play with different mediums to reflect the subjects multi facets.

  1. My roommates boyfriend about her getting an Iphone
  2. My friend treating his phone like a dog.
  3. There was a cell phone study done Denver CO - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/06/samsung-denver-cell-phone_n_311163.html
  4. One of the ladies I interviewed about her boyfriend and his computer.
  5. Mari about her relationship to her computer