IdeaMensch RoadTrip Logo and Banner

Idea Mensch  is going on the road for a couple of month

“A Road Trip For People With Ideas

Help Bring Ideas To Life Across America”


“Far Apart”  Erin Ellis & I created a little logo and banner to help promote the trip





birthday gift certificates …

… for Thai Massage




Skate Berlin

The beginning of a bigger project!

little new illustration for the JPL Map

We made some changes for the next round of prints for the JPL map. This will be part of the new map.

Greeting card design

With my dearest friend Erin “Far Apart” we designed a “Thank You” greeting card. I just found Erin’s documentation of our project.

“thank you, you are the best!”


The magazine is out!!! so happy

Our work got published in the Applied Arts May issue 2012. To view everything please click here

The Mysteries and Curiosities Map illustrates the unique culture of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. One side operates as an “Insider’s Guide” containing information to orient new employees to the Lab, while the other encourages employees to explore the Lab with themed walking tours. It can be hung as a poster, used as a map for an impromptu exploration, or can serve as a conversation aid the next time you talk with your local rocket scientist.

with Erin Ellis Luke Johnson


juhuuuu winning news!

Our Insider’s Guide To The Mysteries & Curiosities Of  The Jet Propulsion Laboratory was accepted into the 2012 Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards Annual


High fives to my tiger team Erin Ellis & Luke Johnson!

view the project here:


Happy Easter

A little Easter greeting video I made. Enjoy your egg-hunting-days everyone!

Click here to watch it




I just found this on amanda lynn’s blog. I don’t know if she made it or if she found it, nevertheless it is cool and lots of fun to play with. I wonder if this can be used for something else, if this could be the beginning of a project… I don’t know yet just thinking 

Click here to test it out:


(This is what it looks like)

Hyundai Accent 3D projection

About every big company has done a cool project against a building. But I think Hyundai topped it with their 3D Mapping for the “Accent”

Check it out: