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Social media / design research

Spring 2010


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Contemporary Media & The Emergence Of Monologue Culture is a design research study exploring the change of contemporary communication within three different studies that focus on tweets, posts and blogs.


1. Do you know whom you are communicating too? 

2. Is modern communication an absolute monologue? 

3. Why would you care to have a dialogue in a monologue world? 




Do you know whom you are communicating too?

The Twitter Helmet is a physical manifestation of the social media experience. If we take a closer look at Twitter-communication and sensualize the whole experience, it is as if you are talking without looking or listening. This form of communication helps to capture a moment, but you are regulated in the “twitter zone”


Is modern communication an absolute monologue?

This speculative communication device is a retro-article from a non-modern world. It is intended to highlight and signify the challenges of current modern communication practices between users and the network.


Why would you care to have a dialogue in a monologue world?

DIABLOG is an altered communication format in blog structure. Relating to ideas of oral storytelling and exchanges of letters over time, the blog is building a dialogue inside of a networked monologue culture. Giving control of content to YOU and I, DIABLOG is a communication round table… for everyone to listen. As communication moves quick in a networked world, past threads can be parsed and sorted. This active two-person conversation is intended to allow for the banal hic-up, but also the re-edit and deeper comment between YOU and I. DIABLOG seeks participatory content where ideas and comments are not trivial but is a significant ever-building dialog. In collaboration with Kevin Wingate