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The Robotic Mail Pigeon from Julia Tsao on Vimeo.


The Mail Bubble from Julia Tsao on Vimeo.


The Color Circles from Julia Tsao on Vimeo.


The World Map from Julia Tsao on Vimeo.

Interface / installation

Spring 2009


In collaboration with Julia Tsao

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The PostGeheimnis System (German for “mail whisper”) is a platform for "super-objects" that have been imbedded with communication behaviors (sensors and controllers) to create special messaging and email (Posts) opportunities inside the home.  The “super objects” are nothing more than normal household items; lamp, chair and a toaster. They exist in conjunction with an input management interface, from which a sender can create video/audio/text/image messages to recipients. From this interface, a sender composes a message to a recipient, and then selects which object to send the message. Each object not only delivers a different form of messaging, but allows an opportunity for personalized communication to exist around familiar items in the home. Once an object receives a message in its queue, it will attempt to attract your attention. “Postgeheimnis” is seamless to the objects original use, so the toaster is still a toaster. The system is like a little Postmen in the home delivering special messages from your close family and friends.



The PostGeheimnis Video Lamp

The PostGeheimnis Video Lamp acts as a portal to incoming video Posts from your friends and family. The Video Lamp will alert you when it has a new Post to deliver. To view the awaiting video, you have to touch the activator on the lamp shade and the lamp will play the message by shining the Post on the floor around you.


The PostGeheimnis Talking Chair

The PostGeheimnis Talking Chair delivers new audio Posts from your friends and family. The Talking Chair starts talking outloud in a series of strange rumbling and mumbling when it has a new Post to deliver. To listen to the message you have to sit in the chair.


The PostGeheimnis Text Toaster

The Postgeheimnis Text Toast is a delivery space for special morning Posts. The Text Toaster will toast your incoming Posts onto your bread in the morning! Simply place sliced bread into the toaster, and wait and see who sent you an early morning message!