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Visualized dynamic data book

Winter 2008

One Moment (a bicycle crash) is a book of visualized dynamic data from my road bicycle accident in 2008. It follows how information and data patterns collected in real time can spread like a spider’s web. From the simple and explosive accidental moment, this book is not a personal diary; rather a first person collection of the informational patterns from accident to recovery.


My approach was to look at the system as an outsider. The data points spread: called the doctor, went to the consultation, visited the physical therapist, made sure to keep the surgeon in the loop as well as family and friends. Then over the next month the data was repeated in other forms: the bills came, insurance posted payments, online banking amounts deducted, gifts in the form of email to teddy bears were given and follow-ups visits requested. Time spent in travel from a 5 minute car ride added up to hours each month. As time passed, I could compare the information before the accident and after. Phone bills were best measured in inches than minutes. While the United States healthcare system is overwhelming and injury can be very personal, I made only a few handwritten notes of things I would do when healthy again, like stuff a turkey and hang on a jungle gym. This visualization resulted from that one moment.