Home Energy Manager "RIECONTOUCH"

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Home Energy Manager "RIECONTOUCH"

Winter 2010 till Spring 2011
"Consuming Energy"



Contributors: Christiane Holzheid, André Knörig, Helge Fischer, Dr. Riedel GmbH, University of Applied Sciences



As part of the "Consuming Energy" research design project the interaction design lab of the University
of Applied Sciences Potsdam collaborated with the Berlin-based "Dr. Riedel Automatisierungstechnik",
a provider of smart heating and energy management solutions. This project focuses on the next generation of the "Riecontouch", a home energy manager. It offers a centralized solution for controlling energy usage in the home with the focus on heat, electricity, warm and cold water.

The team started out by conducting intense research into the current experience of such a "home manager", as well as market trends and current debates in HCI research. In particular we investigated how an interactive touch interface situated in the home could inform a family about their energy usage, and guide them in establishing a more confident relationship with their energy consumption. The fruitful results of our research influenced the development of a more efficient and user friendly system redesign.


The final design was revealed at CeBIT 2011, the world's most leading fair for consumer technology.