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This experiment is a collaboration with Kevin Wingate
For months we were having a dialogue on a monologue public platform:





I am altering the communication format of the blog. I have asked YOU to be
a part of this public conversation: The DIABLOG

You and I, I and YOU...we are like writers from the 18th century and speakers from a forum in old Greece - publicly talking about worthwhile topics instead of exchanging letters/email...
This allows us use the blog to build a dialogue out of a networked monologue culture. Let us think of this as a communicationtable (a round table)... for everyone to listen.

Listening is the key.... YOU and I tell. This narrative is dynamic, the discussion is relative to the last post, the last link, before the week begins again. As the YOU, there is an immediacy to reply, repost, create a new thread.
And we decide about the importance of this conversation. We, as the editors, have full control and responsibilty for the use of our words. It is up to us to guarantee quality that is worth reading. The need to comment is not trivial.

This public conversation needs 2 active participants and a countless number of serious “followers" who will read The Diablog in depth.