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In an absolute monologue communication: PHONE 1





In an absolute monologue communication: PHONE 2


This communication device = A retro article that forms a non-modern world

If we take a closer look at current communication:

1. Communication is happening everywhere, all the time, non-stop. We are constantly sending messages into the world. However, this is an emmissive type
of conversation - it is a monologue because we communicate without knowing our audience / without having a direct receiver most of the time.

2. Speaking more does not guarantee that you will receive more feedback. You just disperse, give input, "hiccup" your words into the world. The people / audience on the other side can take it or leave it whenever they want. The conversation no longer has to be synchronic. It is decoupled - it is now a monologue.

3. You also don't have
just one number anymore or one destination - you
hiccup into the "black box" of communication and your words/text will end up somewhere.

4. You can speak at any time, any where, and you will have absolute access into the modern communication.

5. You also don't have to call all your friends to tell them what's up with you. You blurt it out once and everyone knows. There
is no more doubling. A conversation can happen through fragmented messages.

6. The only thing you have to do now is update constantly. Never stop speaking or people might define who you are and continue your story for you. By refreshing your life, by constantly dialing what you want people to know about you, you have the control. You have the receiver in your hand.